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Hello and Thank You for visiting my blog – Journey from a village in Africa to Corporate America!

My name is Ozii, aka Ozisco!

I’m passionate about making a positive economic impact on the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. #AfricaIsTheFuture

I’m also passionate about documenting and sharing success stories. #F.I.V.EQuestions

I attended the University of Texas at Austin (Hook’Em!). During my time exploring the 40 acres, I started the first African Radio show and African TV Show – AfroFantastic TV.

I got a dual MBA degree from Temple University in Philly and Ecole Des Ponts Paritech in Paris.

I’m interested in the following (list subject to grow, and in no particular order,except the first bullet):

    • Chillaxing with my amazing family and my one
    • Learning something new every day
    • Building technology
    • Selling technology
    • Public Speaking
    • Traveling the world
      • 16 countries and counting…
    • Capturing moments on my camera
      • I’m really proud of this close-up shot I took of a wild African Baboon. Check it out on my Instagram page @ozisco
    • Giving back
    • Playing football (Soccer, for Americans)
      • Favorite teams are Real Madrid and Manchester United. Whenever they play each other, I win regardless of the outcome. And yes, I can have two favorite teams dammit!
    • Visiting MyAfricanplan.com
    •  Writing
      • I am currently working with my brother, Chuki, to co-author a book titled “The Most Interesting Thing About Investing In Africa” to be released soon. Stay tuned. If you would like to be interviewed, I would love to hear your story.
    • Reading
  • Reading about and learning from Entrepreneurs
  • Video Editing – check out my Youtube channel
  • Researching and implementing sales strategy. Check out some of my sales thought leadership on LinkedIn
  • Meeting interesting and charismatic people
  • Learning about new cultures, languages, and unique self-expressions
    • For instance, what do South Africans call Traffic Lights? Robots! Read more about South African expressions here.
  • Practicing Accents
    • Because accents are sexy.
  • Cooking and Eating
    • I make a really delicious fish pepper soup.
    • I also love goat meat, a lot.



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